You depend on your roof to protect your commercial space. When damage occurs, you’ll want to invest in efficient roof repairs that will keep your staff, customers and products safe. Learn more about the types of damage your roof may experience and what causes them — then contact Jottan Roofing to see how our expert roof repair services can benefit your commercial property.

Types of Commercial Roof Damage

You can catch some forms of roof damage with a visual inspection. These types of damage include:

  • Loose flashing: Roof seams are covered by flashing to prevent water infiltration. If your flashings are loose, water can easily seep into your roofing system.
  • Cracks and tears: As your roof ages, it will experience cracks and tears that may lead to further problems and water damage.
  • Punctures: These easy-to-miss holes in your roof are caused by sharp objects, such as screws and debris.
  • Roof membrane issues: Your roof membrane may experience various types of damage, including bubbling, peeling, rips and coming unattached.

If you notice water leaking into your building, you may assume the leak is due to a roofing issue. While many water leaks come from roofing damage, not all of them do. Roofing systems can be complex, and water may travel along the roof deck and pipes from other locations. Tracking down a leak can be difficult — that’s where we come in. As professional roofing contractors, we can identify the problem and offer solutions.

an aerial view of a large brown building with several roofs

Causes of Damage

Commercial roofs can experience damage due to a variety of reasons, some preventable and some not. Common sources of damage include:

A drainage system is essential to protecting your roof. Without one, water will pool and eventually seep into your building.

Ventilation helps humid air escape to decrease condensation. Minimal or no ventilation will contribute to the buildup of water, which can damage your roof and building.

Consistent preventive maintenance can extend your roof’s life and lessen the damage you need to repair. Letting minor issues go unaddressed can lead to costly and time-consuming problems later.

High-quality roofing contractors will ensure your roof is installed correctly so you can enjoy lasting performance. Improper installation can lead to expensive damages in the future.

Some commercial roofs experience a lot of foot traffic. Depending on your roof’s material, your roof may deteriorate and experience more damage due to frequent use.

All roofs have a certain life span. Normal wear and tear, such as cracks and peeling, can lead to water damage and other significant issues. 

Roofs are exposed to all kinds of weather events and extreme temperatures. Storms, high winds, heavy rains and hail can cause cracks, punctures, rips and water damage.

Our Commercial Roofing Repair Experience

If your commercial roof is damaged, you can trust Jottan Roofing to deliver the high-quality services you need to preserve your building and operations. We understand that time is money for your organization. That’s why we provide prompt, accurate roofing repairs that will solve your current roofing needs and keep your business up and running. 

Unexpected events can cause major damages and significant leaks that put your staff, customers and products at risk. We will respond to your emergency quickly to identify the problem and perform effective repairs. Our technicians are available 24/7 to ensure your building gets the timely roof repairs it needs. 

In addition to our commercial roof repair services, we offer inspections and preventive maintenance to help you catch minor issues before they escalate into more significant problems. Our technicians can evaluate your roof, provide suggestions for improvements, perform maintenance to extend your roof’s life and help you maximize your roofing system investment.

We hold ourselves to high standards. When you work with our expert technicians, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our commitment to safety.
  • Award-winning services.
  • Top-quality roofing materials.
  • Projects done on time and within budget.

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