TPO/PVC Roofing Systems

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    TPO Roofs

    Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofs are a popular commercial roofing system thanks to many advantages. Learn more about what TPO roofs are, how you can benefit from one and why Jottan Roofing is your go-to commercial TPO roofing consultant when you want top-tier services.

    What Are TPO Commercial Roofing Systems?

    TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane made up of synthetics and reinforcing scrim. It features a blend of various rubbers, such as ethylene-propylene and polypropylene, to increase tension, strength, impact resistance and flexibility. The roof membrane is attached to the roof through mechanical fasteners or adhesives, while heat welding to create watertight seals and seams around the roof’s penetrations and edges.

    TPO is manufactured in sheets of varying thicknesses. It is lightweight, so it can easily be rolled up, taken to commercial buildings and installed on flat or low-sloping roofs. 

    What Are the Benefits of TPO Roofs?

    TPO roofing offers many benefits for commercial spaces, including: 

    • Affordability: Because TPO is durable, easy to install and simple to manufacture, it can be an affordable commercial roofing solution.
    • Durability: Roofs made of TPO hold up well under weather extremes. 
    • Minimal maintenance: Roofing systems with TPO are easy to clean and often simple to repair since the material has few seams. 
    • Eco-friendliness: TPO is recyclable and chlorine-free, helping you reduce carbon emissions and your environmental impact.
    • Energy efficiency: Using a TPO roofing system enables you to enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower cooling costs. The material is heat-reflective and UV-resistant.

    Our Commercial TPO Roofing Services

    Jottan Roofing provides expert TPO roofing services. Our capabilities include:

    • TPO roofing inspections: Our technicians will inspect your TPO roof and provide a detailed, accurate assessment. Inspections include a photo report with recommendations for maintenance, repairs or replacements.
    • TPO repairs: When your TPO roof has an emergency, you can trust our technicians to respond quickly with the repairs you need. We will provide photo documentation of the space before and after our work to ensure your satisfaction.
    • TPO replacements: We’ll provide an in-depth proposal for your TPO roof replacement so you know what to expect. Our technicians will then perform a precise, efficient roof replacement so you can enjoy all the benefits of TPO.

    FAQ for Commercial Roofing With TPO

    Review our answers to a few common TPO roofing questions to learn more about the benefits of this commercial roofing system.

    How Much Does TPO Cost?

    The cost of a TPO roof will depend on various factors:

    • Roof size
    • Current roof condition
    • Roof penetrations
    • Access to the roof
    • Choice of insulation
    • Installation method

    Jottan Roofing is happy to discuss the details of your project so you can make an educated decision for your commercial property.

    How Long Will a TPO Roof Last?

    TPO roofs have a typical life span of about 15-20 years. With proper installation and maintenance, some TPO roofs have been known to last up to 30 years. 

    What Is the Difference Between TPO and EPDM?

    TPO roofs offer high resistance to punctures, significant seam strength and little need for maintenance. Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofs are long-lasting and ideal for colder climates due to their heat absorbance as well as flexibility with normal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Both offer benefits depending on environmental factors, proper installation and routine maintenance.

    Why Choose Jottan Roofing as Your Commercial TPO Roofing Contactor?

    A family-owned-and-operated business founded in 1974, Jottan Roofing is proud to deliver the high-quality services our clients need to improve their commercial spaces. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction throughout your roofing project, striving to complete projects on time, safely and within budget. As one of the region’s leading commercial roofing applicators, we use the best materials and current trends to provide long-term solutions for your roofing needs.

    When you work with our expert team, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

    • Thorough safety procedures: We maintain a rigorous and comprehensive safety program for your peace of mind when we’re on the job.
    • Award-winning service: Jottan Roofing has been recognized nationwide by industry magazines and leading manufacturers for top-tier service.
    • Advantageous connections: We are associated with all major roofing manufacturers, so we can identify the best roofing system for your short and long-term goals.

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    Whether you want to install a new TPO roof on your commercial property or repair your current TPO roof, you can find the comprehensive services you need at Jottan Roofing. We will provide the prompt, efficient and expert care you need to enjoy all the benefits TPO roofing systems offer. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or site visit.