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About Jottan Roofing

Jottan, Inc. launched in 1974 with nothing more than a pickup truck, a ladder, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. 


Meet Our Team of Experts

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Toby Chrostowski

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Vice President

Jeff Newman

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George Gulla

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Dawn Varley

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Ryan Fulton


Everyone on your staff, from our first meeting to the final walk-through took pride in the work. Most especially, we felt that you heard our initial concerns and took proactive steps to help us achieve a great result for our building and the residents living in the building. The job site was left clean and in a safe condition at the end of every single day.

Cathy Lockyer Moulton

Chief Operations Officer, Thomas Wynne Apartments

The project was full of major concerns due to the proximity of the building which sits along the FAA aircraft ramp, being next to the US Coast Guard Facility and not far from the Atlantic City International Airport runway. Brian was very attentive to the concerns that we had such as: trash debris, the removal of flammables from the roof at the end of each workday, making nightly tie-ins to prevent leaks and dealing with varying wind conditions that were encountered, these were just to name a few. Brian also displayed good communication skills and was very approachable with regard to discussing issues that surfaced throughout the project, I found him to be an exceptional foreman, especially for this project!

Kevin Scott

Construction Representative, US Dept of Transportation

I need to tell you how pleasant working with your roofing team was. Your sales rep was easy to talk to and was pleasant to be with as I showed him all that I wanted to accomplish. As the other bidders were coming in I had many questions and your team was very patient and came out many times as we adjusted, changed and modified the specs. The job wasn’t just putting down a new membrane. We had many adjacent items needing attention which you handled in an exceptional manner. Thanks very much and I’m looking forward to working with you on more of our roofs replacement.

Mark Memoli

Build & Grounds Manager, Church of the Saviour