Preventive Maintenance

Professional commercial roof maintenance is essential in helping your roof last longer and preventing damage caused by adverse weather, aging and foot traffic. Proper roof preventive maintenance can also increase your roof’s energy efficiency, lowering costs. Protect your roofing structure from mold and dampness with a routine preventive maintenance program.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Having your roof inspected twice a year or more can be sufficient to identify any potential roof issues early on, provided this upkeep is thorough and regular. Remember that severe weather can cause roof damage outside the parameters of usual aging, so you want comprehensive preventive maintenance on your commercial roof after these events. 

A professional preventative inspection will look at the following:

  • Water stains or structural wear: The inspector will look for interior signs like leaking, corrosion and mold while populating their report. Depending on the complexity of your roof, the location of these signs may differ from where the damage originated. 
  • Vegetation or hail damage: A rooftop inspection evaluates the top of your roof, looking for debris, water pooling and other signs.
  • Perimeter deterioration: The inspector will thoroughly inspect your roof’s perimeter, including the coping, corners, base, counter flashing, seams and more.
  • Ailing gutters: The health of your gutters is critical for maintaining adequate rain dispersion protecting the surrounding ground from water damage and flooding. 
  • Tears in the roof plane: Your roof can be susceptible to membrane tears, causing water or moisture damage.
  • Poorly installed roof structures: Properly placed and sealed roof vents and HVAC systems can prevent structural damage. 
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Professional Commercial Roofing Services

Most commercial roofs are different from residential roofs due to their size. Because commercial property is often bigger than homes, their roofs will have a larger plane or field. Roofs of businesses are often flatter to accommodate this size difference, with heavy HVAC equipment and less pronounced roof ridges. An expert at flat roof preventive maintenance understands these differences and will look for damage, providing specialized preventive maintenance solutions. 

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